Who We Are

Community Living Kincardine and District (CLKD) supports individuals with developmental disabilities living in the municipalities of Kincardine, and Huron-Kinloss.

Founded in in 1963, CLKD has a strong history of advocating for inclusion and community services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We believe that all members of our community deserve to have the same rights, choices and opportunities to live full, meaningful and connected lives.

CLKD serves individuals of all ages, from newborn infants to aging seniors.  Our person-centred practices ensure that supports and services are tailored to best meet each individual’s strengths, needs and goals.  Whether it is starting their first job, going out for coffee with a friend, using new technologies to communicate or moving into a supported apartment, CLKD members are able to live full lives, achieve their dreams and discover their full potential.

Community Living Kincardine & District supports more than 130 infants, children, adults and families living in our community.

The full and authentic inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities goes beyond direct supports to include the broader community in which people live.   For individuals with developmental disabilities, being included means having the opportunity to work, live in the community and participate in the same activities as other community members.

The Kincardine area is helping CLKD to turn this vision into a reality.  Inclusive and welcoming environments are being built in schools, daycares, organizations and businesses.    The support of our community – as volunteers, donors, inclusion champions, employers, neighbours and friends – helps members to pursue their hopes, dreams and goals.

Organization Overview