Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

An Inclusive Caring Community, where all people belong and have equal opportunity to participate.

Our Mission

In partnership with their families and the community, CLKD promotes and facilitates the full participation and inclusion of people who have a developmental disability to lead enriched and meaningful lives.

Principles and Values

We believe…

  1.  Quality of Life for each individual that provides for basic needs and community supports, is safe, fosters good health and provides choices, along with opportunities to take risks.
  2. Respect and Dignity for every person and as an individual being sensitive to their different needs and perspectives, protecting their confidentiality and their experiences
  3. Learning Organization that continually evaluates its work, employs best practices and is innovative in its approaches.
  4. Accountable to the individuals and families we serve, the community and our partners through:
    ◦    The provision of quality programs and services
    ◦    The achievement of positive relationships
    ◦    Being ethical in all we do
    ◦    Being fiscally responsible with our resources
  5. Organizational Culture that continually values and recognizes the contributions of staff and volunteers; fosters strong team approaches; supports effective staff training and is open, honest and inviting in its communication practices.
  6. Working Collaboratively with all our stakeholders and community partners in developing and providing programs, supports and services that are responsive to the changing needs of individuals and families.
  7. Lifelong Planning with individuals and families, across all ages, ensuring they are informed, prepared and able to adequately respond to the changing needs within their lifecycle.