Support for
Job Seekers

Are you looking for a job?

Do you have a job but are interested in more work or to advance where you are?

The Jobs Work team can help!   Jobs Work staff work one on one with job seek to discover their strengths, connect with employers, find a job and succeed in the workplace.

Jobs Work offers

Career Readiness

Participate in an individualized discovery process to uncover your skills, abilities and work-related experiences.  Discover how you learn and the type of work environments that will help you to succeed.  Complete pre-employment training , such as WHMIS and Workplace Health & Safety.

Job Search Support

Create an individualized employment and get support to search for and apply to job opportunities.   Develop a professional resume and cover letter and improve your interview skills.

Customized Training

Personalized, on-site training support is offered to job seekers and their employer.  During the initial training period, Jobs Work staff will help adapt training to meet your individual learning styles.  Ongoing support is available anytime!

Support for

Searching for your next great employee?

Need support becoming an inclusive employer?

The Jobs Work team can help!   Jobs Work staff can match qualified job seekers to existing or new positions, provide customized hiring and training assistance and offer employers and staff with ongoing support.

Jobs Work offers

Matching Skills to Needs

Jobs Work staff meet with employers to understand their current and future staffing needs.   This information enables the team to facilitate a good match between job opportunities and the skills and abilities of various job seekers.

Customized Training Support

Jobs Work provides on-site services to you and you new employee, helping to identify and develop tools specific to your workplace.  These resources will add value to the orientation process and help to ensure that training is tailored to the learning style and abilities of new employees.

Ongoing Support

Jobs Work can attend supervision meetings you hold with your employee to discuss what’s working, what’s not working and identify areas for improvement.  Ongoing support is available to you and your employee on a regular basis and can be requested by either party.

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